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By Euphrates
WHAM-O Wham-O was founded in 1948, and have since given kids some of the most imaginative and enduring toys ever. From the Frisbee (initially named the Pluto Platter), the flying saucer that is now as American as woofing your approval when the local sports team scores a touchdown, to the Superball, the bouncing ball with 50,000 pounds of compressed energy. Or what about the Hoola Hoop? Ever hear of that one?

One of the best things about Wham-O toys is that they coaxed kids out of the house and in to the back yard to throw Frisbees, play in the Fun Fountain sprinkler, shoot birds with wooden slingshots or make beachball-sized bubbles with the Bubble Thing.

There were also some great indoor toys bearing the Wham-O logo. There was a series of Jay Ward Bendees, including Rocky, Bullwinkle, Mr. Peabody and Sherman, Giant Comics and SuperElasticBubblePlastic. Remember that stuff? It was a dollop of sticky compound that you would insert a small straw into, to blow up into a wildy-colored plastic balloon.

Vintage Wham-O toys are extremely collectible today, but, if you don't have to have the original, Wham-O has been re-releasing some of their most popular toys. You can buy new versions of old favorites like Superballs, Frisbee Horseshoes and Trac Ball and head out to the backyard!

Partial List of Wham-O Toys
Air Blaster
Air Darts
Backyard Obstacle Course 
Bubble Thing
Dart Guns
Dragon-Fire Roller Racer
Frisbee Gift Set
Frisbee Horseshoes 
Frisbee Bowling
Fun Fountain
Giant Comics
Great White Shark Teeth
Hacky Sack Kicker
Home Driving Range
Huf 'N Puf Blow Gun
Hula Hoop
Jay Ward Bendees
Lawn Fishing
Liar's Poker
Limbo - Chubby Checker
Limbo Party Kit
Magic Sand / Magic Window
Monster Bubbles Tray & Hoop
Monster Magnets
Practice Ball
Roller Racer Sit Skate
Shrink Machine
Silly String
Slip 'n Slide
Super Baseball
Super Dice
Super Foam Machine
Super Golfball
Super Gorilla Magnet
Super Looper
Super Sneaky Squirtin' Stick
Super Stuff
Trac Ball
Water Wiggle
Wham-It Game
Wheelie Bars - Ed Roth Artwork
Willy Water Bug
Wooden Slingshot
Zillion Bubbles Dip N Sweep

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