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The Wuzzles
"Two times the fun, wrapped up in one!"
By Euphrates
Wuzzles In 1985, CBS (The show ran for one year on CBS and one year on ABC.) took pre-schoolers to the Isle of Wuz to meet the Wuzzles - wacky and colorful friends comprised of two different animals. Each Wuzzle had it's own unique personality. The inhabitants of Wuz were:

Bumblelion - bumblebee and lion
ButterBear - butterfly and bear
Eleroo- elephant and kangaroo
Hoppopotamus - hippo and rabbit
Koalakeet - koala and parakeet
Moosel - moose and seal
Pandeaver - panda and beaver
Piggypine - pig and porcupine
Rhinokey - rhinoceros and monkey
Skowl - skunk and owl
Tycoon - tiger and racoon
Woolrus - walrus and sheep
The same year Disney/Hasbro Bradley introduced the Wuzzles line of figures. The figures were 4-inch tall vinyl and 13-inch tall plush. What followed was a blitz of Wuzzle purses, bed sheets, lunchboxes, books, Colorforms, trash cans, party invitations and even cake pans from Wilton. Clearly somebody in marketing figured out that the family member with the shrillest voice dictates what gets put in the toy cart.

Nothing from the Wuzzles line brings big dollars but people still seem to love 'em and buy 'em. Their howls just aren't quite as shrill now.

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