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"The incredible workers of the Future!"
By Euphrates
Zeroids Zeroids were another product of the space toy craze of the mid-sixties. They were the classic '60s toys, complete with: wacky names, loads of chrome, functionality and tiny pieces that were easily broken or lost.

The first three robots were sold in plastic cases that doubled as ramps and trailers. Each Zeroid was able to perform robotic tasks with gripping and throwing, magnetic hands. They sat on top of a square base with tank-like treads that was powered with a battery-driven motorific motor. The figures were able to go forward and backward, courtesy of a switch on their base.

The Star Team was initially a great line of child-sized space toys. In the '70s, the Star Team was rereleased with articlulated action figures and smaller, Zeroid-like robots.

Zeroids are very difficult to find in mint condition today. Their antennas, trailer hitches, motors and treads are frequently broken or missing. The interchangable hands and their accessories are also a tough find. A complete Zeroid, working with his box and accessories, will easily bring $125-$225 today.

Zeroids and Sets
Zintar, The Silver Explorer
Zobor, The Bronze Transporter
Zerak, The Blue Destroyer
Zeroid and Solar Cycle with Zeroid Robot
Zeroid Commander Action Set with Zogg, Commander of the Mighty Zeroids 
Zeroid Alien - The Invader from Outer Space with the Computer Brain (HTF)
ZEM XXI - Zeroid Explorer Module
Zeroid Sensor Station
Zeroid Missile Defense Pad

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Later Star Team Star Team ZEM-21 Star Team Alien (green and silver) Star Team Knight of Darkness (black) Star Team Zeroid - Silver and Blue Star Team Star Hawk with Silver and Red Zeroid Star Team Kent and his Cosmic Cruiser

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