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Zoomer Boomer
" works!"
By Euphrates
Zoomer Boomer The Zoomer Boomer line were made by Topper Toys in 1970 and 1971. They featured cars that were about 5 inches long and were very similar stylistically to Tonka trucks and cars. The vehicles were powered by a removable windup motor that could be "recharged" (rewound) by the Zoomer Boomer power booster, enabling it to "run for over 20 feet!" The motors snapped underneath the chasis. The motors were sold separately in a gear-shaped case. The power boosters were also sold separtely.

The cars looked like toys, not like small versions of the "real thing." Adult collectors didn't go for them, and neither did the older kids. This meant their major market was parents (and grandparents) buying for younger kids. This led to their second problem. They had "pop-off parts" that might pose a danger to children. Put the two problems together and there was little interest. An additional factor might have been that Topper Corp. wasn't in good shape, and so the distribution of Zoomer Boomers was somewhat limited. They haven't caught on with collecters, and mint-in-box models, even the hot rod, rarely break the $20 line at toy shows.

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