Quality Replacement Parts for Vintage Toys
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Billy Blastoff  Replacement Parts
Billy Blastoff

Replacement shields for Eldon's space boy.

Captain Scarlet Replacement Parts
Captain Scarlet

Beautiful reproductions of figures from Timpo's Captain Scarlet and the Mysterons line. Accurate copies of Barratt sweet cigarettes packaging, and replica plastic parts for the superior line of vehicles produced by Century 21 Toys can also be found here New items added!

Colorform Aliens Replacement Parts
Colorform Aliens

Hard to find replacement helmets, weapons, and accessories for Alpha 7, Astro-Nautilus, Electron+, Colossus Rex, Commander Comet, Orbitron, and Xodiac.

Fireball XL5 Replacement Parts
Fireball XL5

Excellent replicas of hard-to-find pieces for Fireball XL5 toys. Vintage toy manufacturers represented: Quercetti and Multiple Products Corp., (also known as Multiple Toymakers and MPC).

Major Matt Mason Replacement Parts
Major Matt Mason

Large selection of replacement parts for Mattel's Man In Space.

Space:1999 Replacement Parts

The Eagle One will fly again with this assortment of quality replicas.

Sea Devils Replacement Parts
Sea Devils

Get new masks for your Sea Devils.

Stingray Replacement Parts

Perfect replicas from another Gerry Anderson fan favorite – Parts to restore the Lincoln International battery operated Stingray, Fairylite’s friction-drive version, the floating Lone-Star Stingray and Plaston’s elusive bathtub toy.

Thunderbirds Replacement Parts

5,4,3,2,1. Thunderbirds are Go! Amazing reproductions of the Somportex Thunderbirds gum card wrappers and stunning replica parts for vintage 1960’s JR21 (J Rosenthal) plastic toys. New items added!

Zeroids Replacement Parts

Replace missing pieces from your Mighty Zeroids robot collection.

Coming very soon - more replacement parts for Joe 90, Captain Scarlet, Major Matt Mason and Thunderbirds!

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