Johnny Seven
"One Man Army"
By Euphrates
O.M.A. GunThere were several great army lines made during the sixties. Two of my favorites are Remco's Monkey Division and Topper's Johnny Seven O.M.A. Johnny Seven had all of the essentials - gun, helmet and combat phones. The thing that made this line special however, was the gun. This baby was a yard long and chock full of the things that boys/men love to this day - gizmos galore! The O.M.A offered seven weapons in one. It

  • launched a grenade
  • fired an anti-tank rocket
  • shot an armor-piercing shell
  • chucked an anti-bunker missle
  • shot 10 bullets as a rifle
  • made a rat-a-tat-tat sound as a tommy gun
  • had a pistol that detaches and functions as a cap gun

    The stock was also detachable and the O.M.A. had a built in bipod, which was handy since the thing weighs about 4 pounds.

    The more gadgets a toy had the harder they are to find complete today. The O.M.A. is no exception. If you are looking for one, make sure you have your grenade, rocket, missle and 10 bullets. The mechanisim that makes the chattering sound for the tommy gun frequently fails and the bipod is often missing or broken. I highly recommend taking the trouble to find one that is complete and fully functional. It will cost you but you don't want to be known on the block as Johnny Six, do you?

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