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Liddle Kiddles
By Euphrates
Liddle Kiddles Mattel officially kicked off the minature doll craze in 1965 with the release of Liddle Kiddles. From '65 to '79, these little rooted-hair cuties range in size from 2 to 3 1/2 inches.

Like most successful toylines, Kiddles went through many transformations during their reign, a fact that makes life hard for collectors today. The first series, Storybook Kiddles, which introduced Kiddles as popular Fairy Tale and Mother Goose characters with the "iddle" naming conventions, inspired Hasbro's Storykins line. These are very hard to find with all of their accessories. Later variations on the theme included dolls in wearable lockets and other jewelry, dolls in perfume bottles, and dolls in minature soda bottles. If there was a place to stuff a a small doll, Mattel found it!

Loose and complete, pre-Uneeda (Uneeda picked up the line in the '90s) Kiddles frequently sell for $10-$40. Kiddles still on the Kard (sorry) can bring well over $100. The glow-in-the-dark Kozmic Kiddles and the on-the-go Skediddlers are the most popular and most expensive to collect.

(This is not a sales list.)

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