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Tiny Teens
"The world's best dressed teen-age fashion doll!"
By Euphrates
Tiny Teens Some of my favorite doll lines are less-popular copies of more successful lines. Uneeda's Tiny Teens certainly fit that description. They look like Dolly Darlings in a Liddle Kiddle locket. Tiny Teens stand six-inches tall and feature rooted-hair, bendable-arms, posing head and real eyelashes. The box boasts that you can even wash and set their hair!

These girls were on store shelves in 1967, at the height of the small doll craze. There were twelve dolls in the series including:

Beau Time
Bride Time
Date Time
Fun Time
Mini Time
Party Time
School Time
Shower Time
Sport Time
Spring Time
Winter Time

Mod carded fashion accessory sets were also available for the girls.

Uneeda re-used the name Tiny Teens in 1974, for a line of eight-inch dolls. They also did this with the Petal People series.

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