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Flower Darlings
"Fragrent Pin-On Flower, and Dolly Comes Out to Play, Too!"
By Euphrates
Flower Darlings If you collect Mattel's Liddle Kiddles and Uneeda's Petal People, then you are going to want to look into Hasbro's Flower Darlings. Hasbro was all over the Kiddle Kraze with it's Storykins and Showbiz Babies. In 1968, they introduced a six-doll series of dolls called Flower Darlings. The bodies were like Kiddles and the heads were like Hasbro's own Dolly Darlings. Like Petal People, each doll came nestled in it's own unique flower. Hasbro put a little spin on their serve by making the dolls wearable and perfumed.

These perfumed-pixies are very hard to find and expensive to own. You can steal one here or there that has been misidentified on sales and auction pages, but expect to pay big bucks for any of the girls on their cards.

Dahlia Darling
Daisy Darling
Daphne Darling
Lily Darling
Rose Darling
Violet Darling

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